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Kylee and Logan Oveson College Fund Established



The Del and Margaret Oveson family have been a pillar of the Sawtooth Valley community. Del's sudden passing at age 45 left Margaret, Kylee (13), and Logan (10). All of those of us who value this area will appreciate the opportunity to help support Margaret, Kylee, and Logan in their desire to stay in the Sawtooth Valley and remain a valued working part of our community in the years to come. Assistance would be most appreciate in supporting educational opportunities for Kylee and Logan.  Logan recently remarked to Jim Bishop that "Dad told us if we wanted to go to college, we were on our own.” Let's come together as a community and make that less true than it currently is for these wonderful kids.

John Miller has set up a college fund for Kylee and for Logan -- see below.  For anyone looking to provide support to this family who we all appreciate and care deeply for, please consider donating to this fund. Please pass along this information to people who knew Del or may be interested in supporting a family who will continue to contribute a great deal our area.  


We have set-up college savings accounts with the Vanguard 529 College Savings Plan for both Kylee and Logan Oveson.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Oveson children, here are a few options for you -- consult with your tax advisor regarding possible tax deductions.

Option 1: ONLINE


• Go to www.ugift529.com

• Enter the Ugift code for Kylee (46T-99Y)

• Click “Give A Gift”

• Follow the steps to make an online donation -- You will need your donation amount, personal information, and bank account.


• Go to www.ugift529.com

• Enter the Ugift code for Logan (L1P-Q5R)

• Click “Give A Gift”

• Follow the steps to make an online donation -- You will need your donation amount, personal information and bank account.

Option 2: MAIL

• Print out the TWO linked forms -- Kylee and Logan.

• Fill in your name and amount you’re donating

• Write Check

• Mail Forms & Check to:

Ugift: Vanguard 529 Plan

P.O. Box 55111

Boston, MA 02205-5111

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call John Miller or his assistant, Wendy Speth, at 208-726-1190 or wendy@jmiller1.com

Link to general information regarding 529 college funds: https://www.sec.gov/reportspubs/investor-publications/investorpubsintro529htm.html